My projects

Sport is for me a big passion, that allowed me to have wonderful emotions and achieve good results at international level, like the participation at the final in the European athltics Championships in Barcelona 2010, the participationa at some meeting of the Diamond League circuit and several international competitions, even if I have never been a professional athlete. All this has been possible thanks to the work done with my trainer and osteopath-boyfriend Benjamin Poserina in more than 17 years of hard work and about 10,000 hours of training, and also thanks to the possibility of working part-time and the indispensable support of my sponsors: Villa Sassa, Piniassociati, BancaStato and Group Athletic Bellinzona. Unfortunately, during the Swiss Indoor Championships in 2013 I had the first serious injury of my career: I broke the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. Recovery times are quite long: approximately 6 months after the operation. For 2013, I think my only realistic goal is to recover well and start races and training for the European Championship Zurich 2014, an event which I’d like to attend to end in a nice way my sporting career.