The End of my Career

15.12.14 – After a lot of year of training, competitions, success, failures and injuries it’s time to end my sport career.

High jump has been a big passion and challenge for me. For 18 years – 10’000 training hours – I used all my energy, my efforts and my free time for this wonderful sport.

I have never been a professional athlete but, with passion and love for my sports, I could achieve some good Results: 12 gold medals at the Swiss national championship, the participation at 2 European championships, 5 European Cups, some Meetings of the Diamond League circuit and the final in the European championship in Barcelona, where I did my best jump ever, 1m 92 cm. I could achieve this goals only because of my love for this sport and because of the competence of my trainer Beniamino Poserina, the support of my sport club – Gruppo Atletico Bellinzona – and my sponsor.

At the Indoor Swiss championship 2013, when I was 33 years old, I broke the anterior cruciate ligament of my jumping knee. After the surgery the rehabilitation has been very long and it has been very difficult to compete again, but I really wanted to try. In 2014 my best results has been 1.74, 4th place at the National championship. It has bee very difficult and, during this period, I had a lot of little physical problems and injuries and I couldn’t really train and jump consistently. Because of all this difficult situations I suddenly realized it was time to do something other in my life. But I’ll never forget my sport, it will ever live in my heart and my way to be.

Before leaving this important chapter of my life, I want to thank my trainer Beniamino Poserina, my sport club (Gruppo Atletico Bellinzona), my sponsor (Accentrix, Ail, Banca dello Stato, Piniassociati e Villa Sassa), the Swiss athletics Federation and all the volunteers, Journalist and Fans that followed me in this wonderful experience.

Sport has been something unforgettable, thank to you all!